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EERA - Empower Education in Rural Area's is a Non-Govermental Organisation(NGO)

Our mission is to create awareness and empower each individual who has been kept away from basic resourcer

Raising living standards and lowering poverty

Our work is to increasing living standards and reducing poverty. We reach out to underserved children and youth and ensure they receive an education.

Human Resource Development Programs

The rural poor can earn their bread and butter through personality development programs, skill development programs, educational programs, and integrated development projects

Imporve Socio-Economic Conditions

Uplift primitive tribes and weaker sections of the people, arrange training and implement various government schemes to provide health, education, accommodation and amenities.

Our Team

Neetu Singh


Jyoti Singh


Anand Singh


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If you have any queries just send us a message and someone from our team will reach out to you.

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Piprakala, Ward No. - 13,
Shastri Nagar, Garhwa,
Jharkhand - 822114




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